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Are you effectively accessing potential customers who wish to purchase products or services directly but do not have the basic English skills to communicate with you?

EMC's eMarketing services enable overseas organisations to get their marketing messages to customers through multilingual websites and follow up support.

Website Construction and Maintenance

Multilingual websites for institutions with interactive features to maximise student recruitment.

Website Construction

The ideal site for your institution could be multilingual, in a simple format or complex with multiple features. In either case it should be customised to suit the profile of potential students and the nature of the marketing and enrolment process in their home country.

EMC can propose a site package to suit your institution. Contact us for an analysis of the best combination of features and services.

Sites can include features such as:

  • Multilingual sites
  • Course search
  • Email enquiry
  • Online language level testing
  • Online course application
  • Chat rooms
  • Alumni Chat rooms
  • Video and sound
  • Photo galleries
  • Search engine links

Internet and Marketing Packages

EMC offers packages of technical products and personalised marketing support, including on-line student counselling and enrolment services in multiple languages.


EMC offers unique web based marketing services in addition to the technical and design aspects of website design and maintenance:

E-mail Enquiry

Multilingual sites can include an email enquiry address. EMC can provide free counselling and enrolment assistance to students emailing in their native language on a commission basis.

Marketing Strategy & Analysis

Marketing plans, using media including guidebooks, banner ads, specialised materials in education centres, can be proposed and implemented by EMC.

Useful reports on user profiles can be provided to give you a picture of the type of students accessing your site.

clients include: